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  Today is the Mid-Autumn festival, is a family reunion day. Mom and dad will take me to grandma's early in the morning, I didn't see grandma and grandpa for some time, I would like to see them soon.

  I came to a grandma, grandpa's grandmother to see I can be happy, with I speak to them, sometimes they ask me to learn how, for a moment to ask how is my body, I answered their questions one by one, grandma also took out a lot of delicious let me eat. Grandpa told me to go to school must be carefully to the teacher about the knowledge of the real society, grandma asked me to write homework to hurry up, don't put off too late.

  Just words, heard uncle said the dinner, I rushed to the front of the table, a look, uncle made a big table of food, have fish, shrimp, braise in soy sauce meat, and I love to eat chicken wings, I can't wait to put them one by one sweep light, I sat down on a stool, I just ate three wings, I'm still a little slow, and then eat a chicken wings, also eat five or six shrimp, and devoured a bowl of gruel, this lunch if finished.

  Afternoon, 2 "also came back after work, I also haven't seen him for a long time, the second" always make me to play, today a see me and I play up, a large family reunion together is really busy! Supper was going to enjoy the moon, but there are too many clouds in the sky, see the moon, so we have to wait for tomorrow see.

  It is such a happy Mid-Autumn festival!







  Today is China's traditional festival Mid-Autumn festival, unfortunately the weather is not so good, rain, want to go to play is very inconvenient. Ok this morning and the rain has stopped, finished his homework at noon, mom and dad took me to the FengQing play in the park. We turned a circle, there feel better rides are too dangerous, finally decided to paint.

  I pick out among the many frame a digital painting: a small white rabbit flowers ready to go out in the distance there are mountains, trees, and houses, and a little bees flying around. Next, I will start with my mother to open the pigment color, had just finished painting, half day to rain again, also under the more, the greater the leak and the drawing, we had to take home.

  Just got home, my grandma meat dumplings package out of the pot, like round, bulging, white white fat, taste sweet and delicious, this is my grandma specially to holiday packages.

  After dinner, I go a lot of fruit, cakes and snacks, placed in the tray, in front of the window. Because in our hometown has a custom, that is August 15 in the evening the moon, which is to give the delicious things are laid the moon in the autumn night, before you can eat. Despite the heavy rain today can't see the moon, I am still in the habit of home a lot of good, want to hide behind the cloud can share with us the moon in the moon cakes and fruit.

  The Mid-Autumn festival, I also received a lot of gifts, like marca dragon gift box, gift box, TGP chocolate cake, and a cute furry panda plush toys, I like it, the box of chocolates delicious let I want to eat a piece of, have another piece of...


  我在好多画框当中挑出来了一幅数字油画 :一只小白兔准备出去采花,远处还有山,有树,还有房子,还有一只围着她飞舞的小蜜蜂。接下来,我跟妈妈打开颜料就开始涂色,刚涂完一半,天又下起了雨,还越下越大,画画的地方又漏雨,我们只好拿着半成品回家。